Special event for artists who’ve experienced forced migration

CAN and HOME are looking forward to meeting artists who've experienced forced migration at a special artist event.

Join us at the Horizons Creative Café on Thursday 14 July between 12.30pm and 6pm at the Event Space @ HOME.

As part of our Horizons Festival review, if you’re an artist with experience of forced migration, join us for the relaxed Creative Café to network, share creative ideas and get feedback from Horizons’ artists and the creative teams from both HOME and Community Arts North West (CAN).

The Horizons Festival is taking a break in 2022 to reflect on our work to date, our achievements, and to listen to the views and ideas of artists who are the creative spark for the festival.

This event responds to a festival review with Horizons’ artists. During the Horizons Creative Café event, we’ll share thoughts on the next steps for the festival based on ideas we’ve heard so far.

We want to hear your creative ideas.

Do you have the beginning of a creative idea that needs some nurturing? Or do you have an ambitious plan for a tour? Or do you need some help with a creative funding application? Or do you want to share a song, a poem or an idea with an intimate and supportive crowd and get some feedback?

  • Join artist and CAN Creative Producer, Mahboobeh Rajabi for a facilitated creative discussion about what makes your work unique and learning from other artists’ experiences.
  • Through a 30-minute long, one-to-one surgery meet with a member of the CAN or HOME creative teams for feedback on your creative project, performance, exhibition, or idea. We can share our thoughts about how to make your ideas happen in Greater Manchester.
  • Book a short performance or sharing slot with an intimate audience including members of the HOME and CAN creative teams for useful and supportive feedback.

You need to book for these opportunities.  You’ll find details in the timetable below.


12pm: Join us for coffee and some light refreshments

12.30 – 1.30 pm: Creative Conversations, facilitated by local artist Mahboobeh Rajabi, and learn from other artists’ experiences.  Book your place here. 

1.30 – 3.30 pm: We’ve got 30-minute long bookable one-to-one surgery slots where you can share your creative ideas and chat to different members of the HOME and CAN creative teams including Stella Barnes from CAN and HOME’s Davinia Jokhi (specialises in theatre), Isabelle Croissant (specialises in film), Alice Wilde (specialises in visual arts). Book your place here. 

4pm: Introduction from Anne Louise Kershaw from HOME and Katherine Rogers from CAN who’ll talk about how we are rethinking the festival by responding to feedback from artists.

4 – 6pm: Creative Café – We’ve got bookable show-and-tell slots where artists can share a creative idea, film, monologue, performance extract, poetry, music, and talk about how they are hoping to develop it. This is an opportunity to get feedback and input from other artists and from the HOME and CAN creative teams. Book your place here.  

 We promise to keep the coffee flowing!  Light refreshments will be provided and we can reimburse travel expenses.

The Horizons Creative Cafe has been created for artists who’ve experienced forced migration. 

If you have any questions about the event, email Katherine@can.uk.com




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