Conversations flowed at the Horizons Creative Café

An afternoon of creativity and coffee for artists from a forced migration background

22 July 2022

Nearly 20 artists with forced migration backgrounds joined the creative teams from HOME and CAN at the chilled Horizons Creative Café earlier this month.

The temperature, we were glad to say, was cool at 19 degrees centigrade…

The afternoon was a place to network, share ideas, and think about how to further develop creative work. Horizons Creative Café responded to feedback from the recent Horizons Festival review which we held with artists who are the creative catalyst for the festival.

“Good opportunity to meet new contacts.”

“Excellent idea to connect people.”

“I really enjoy knowing new people.”

We were thrilled to see so many talented artists in one room – especially after the forced break due to the pandemic – sharing their creative practice, experiences, and future aspirations.

There was a facilitated creative conversation from CAN Creative Producer Mahboobeh Rajabi where artists shared their unique expertise, the things that motivate them and their creative ambitions.

“Motivating, inspiring…”

The one-to-one artist surgery slots were a huge hit. They were a supportive space for artists to get feedback from art form-specific producers from both CAN and HOME on creative ideas and project proposals.

“…the one-to-one session will help me a lot…”

“One-to-one experience is so brilliant and useful…”

“The one-to-one sessions allowed for specific needs to be discussed…”

The audience for the creative sharing enjoyed performances and a short film from artists, including this beautiful song written and performed by Iranian musician Fariba Taghypoor in solidarity with the children of Ukraine and others across the world who are growing up in war zones.


“…opportunity to learn new ideas and share my art form.”

And as promised we kept the coffee flowing!

Thanks to everyone who came along and took part. It was great to catch up.


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