Community Arts North West (CAN) sees a lack of environmental sustainability as both a global threat and a significant challenge to the communities we work with, particularly in the sphere of climate justice.

We work hard to reduce our environmental impact, and we have monitored our Co2 production since 2012.

From 2022 – 2023 onwards, CAN will continue its important work supporting and co-creating opportunities for communities to develop creative and imaginative responses to climate change and its global impacts.

“Environmental sustainability is an issue of justice and equity and intersects all our work at CAN. We believe that every person should have the opportunity to voice their concerns and be part of the change.”

Stella Barnes, CAN’s Creative Director

CAN is based in the Green Fish Resource Centre in Manchester, an Ethical Property Company building, where extensive efforts are made to minimise all energy use.

We made a conscious decision in 2004 to relocate to a building that shared our long-standing sustainability priorities and making low carbon impacts. We’re proud to say our landlord shares our ambitions for greater sustainability and low carbon use.

The Ethical Property Company’s values are:

  • To minimise carbon emissions
  • To reduce water consumption
  • To promote sustainable transport
  • To reduce waste.

Arts Council England has embedded environmental sustainability into its funding agreements with its National Portfolio Organisations. CAN’s creative work with communities and our organizational policies correspond to those principles. We also actively support Manchester City Council’s Zero Carbon strategies.

Together with other cultural organisations, CAN is a member of the Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (MAST) as part of the Manchester Climate Change Partnership.

CAN promotes sustainable and cost-efficient transport choices. Most of our staff team, artists, volunteers, associates, participants, and audience members use public transport or bicycle to travel to work, meetings, or CAN events. One of the factors underpinning our re-location to the Green Fish Resource Centre was its proximity to public transport links.


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