One More Push at HOME and the New Adelphi Theatre

Written & performed by

Fereshteh Mozaffari

Dramaturg Advisor

Rani Moorthy

Movement Advisor

Magdalen Bartlett

Digital Artist

Narges Jafari

Produced by

Katherine Rogers

One More Push was a solo show written and performed by Fereshteh Mozaffari and dramatised by Rani Moorthy.

7 Jan 2020

To create One More Push, Fereshteh Mozaffari used her experience of life in the UK, to grapple with the challenges and joys of life in exile. Using storytelling and dance, she led audiences on a bitter-sweet journey of displacement, integration, change, and resilience.

One More Push was supported through CAN’s talent development programme and was part of a HOME and CAN partnership programme of events for Refugee Week, with an additional performance at the University of Salford’s New Adelphi Studio Theatre.