A Generation Rising performed by CAN Young Artists@HOME

Written and devised by

Ria Hartley and CAN Young Artists@HOME

Directed by

Kate Bradnam

Produced by

Rosie Stuart at HOME

Project Assistant

Chloe Hooton at HOME

Installation by

Benji Reid

We are the Generation Rising. We are future leaders. We want to take you on a journey and show you what a future could look like.

4 May 2018

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

It’s 2018. We live in a rapidly changing world.

CAN Young Artists@HOME developed A Generation Rising combining their personal stories with visual performance, audio soundscapes, and live music. The piece was developed through young people sharing their stories of difference and connection.

The performance gave an honest account of the lives and experiences of Manchester’s young people. This powerful, intimate performance featured stories fuelled by heartbreak, wisdom, politics and activism, anger, and hope.

A Generation Rising was performed at HOME on Friday 4 May 2018. The performance was accompanied by a series of individual portraits of the young performers, captured by the award-winning photographer Benji Reid.

“I now feel comfortable expressing myself in words,I can say things I couldn’t say before.”

“It is important for life-skills in general…this company gives us the opportunity to be with people from different backgrounds…this helps us in later life.”

A Generation Rising was nominated in 2019’s Manchester Culture Awards and is now being made into a film.