The World Is Wonderful – a stunning animation film created by Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts Group

Our Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts Group, used their creative ideas and activities from the Summer and Autumn terms to create a stunning animation film about the threats to our planet.

Throughout 2021, Kámoši, based in Leigh (Wigan Borough), explored the topic of the environment and climate change. They expressed their hopes and fears for the Earth through songwriting, music-making, story-telling, and visual art, working with a multi-talented team of artists.

As the finale to Kámoši’s project, Saif Al-Islam Chaudhry, from the acclaimed animation studio Illum Studio created The World Is Wonderful which is a truly magical film made by the group’s words, music, and visual art.

The moving film features a back-scratching bear in a forest, orangutans in a jungle under threat from the palm oil industry and turtles and fish in the world’s oceans being devastated by pollution.

“If I was a bee, I would say stop cutting down trees.”

“If I was the earth, I would say stop driving cars.”

The film was launched to an appreciative audience of families and friends, partner organisations and artists at a special sharing event in December 2021.

Kámoši’s Creative Producer, Emmanuela Yogolelo, has also been pursuing her own independent artistic work about climate change and shared her experiences of returning to DR Congo, the country of her birth, in Summer 2021 on a multi-faceted trip which explored the impact of climate change on the country, storytelling traditions and the musical heritage of central Africa.

Film by Kooj Chuhan of Crossing Footprints.

Kámoši Performing Arts Group is funded by BBC Children in Need, Youth Music, in partnership with Wigan Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) and Wigan Music Service. 

Kámoši Creative Producer

Emmanuela Yogolelo


Creative Producer, Children and Young People

Kerry Tuhill


Creative Director

Stella Barnes


Artists for CAN


Jaydev Mistry



Sanja Govorcin


Drama Practioner/Writer

Chelsea Morgan


Visual Artist

Mandy Beck McKim



Anna Medvid



Saif Al-Islam Chaudhry, Illum Studio


Musicians September – December 2021

Arian Sadr


Pat Mackela

Remi Adefeyisan




Wigan Music Service

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Leigh Central Primary School



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