Meet our CAN DO Creatives – our latest trainees

We're thrilled to introduce our new group of CAN DO Creatives.

Building on the success of our first CAN DO Creatives’ course, funded by ESF, which ran between September 2020 and February 2021, we’re delighted to welcome the next group of learners to our next course.

The new course, running between October 2021 – March 2022, supports artists, creatives, and community leaders – who use arts in community projects – to learn new skills, develop a freelance career, create brilliant events, launch a business, or find a job in the arts and creative industries. Training will be led by successful artists and trainers, Kooj Chuhan and Sarah Atter, with project management and training input by Charlotte Butler, who has recently led on CASE Manchester for In Place of War.

Building back after Covid   

The impact of Covid on the arts and creative sector has been huge as venues temporally closed, festivals were cancelled, and sector opportunities dried up.

As the sector builds back, there is an increased need for artists and creatives to upskill, network, grow their profile, and share strategies and build resilience through new approaches to building a career and a business in what is even more of a highly competitive sector.

Successful Creative Careers

The course covers some of the essentials needed for a successful creative career ranging from project design and planning to budgeting and fundraising.

Through our long-established relationships, learners are introduced to a whole range of Greater Manchester-based arts organisations, as well as new networks of artists and creative people, so they can access new opportunities like jobs, mentoring, commissions, freelance roles, or further education or training.

Tree Saed, one of the learners from our last course, says:

“Can Do Creative is run by the most encouraging and inclusive facilitators. I’m sure everyone will enjoy the course.”

Meet our learners (not everyone is pictured).

Aylim Nemati SalahiPhotographer

Adrienn IszepiDancer

Cecilia RamosRadio Presenter

Fariba TaghypoorMusician

Gloria SayaTextile Artist

Haleh JalaliActor and Director

Leo MacDonaldIllustrator

Lisa LathamVisual and Fine Artist

Mandy PearksVisual Artist and Arts Educator

Molly GarnerVisual and Fine Artist and Facilitator

Parisa PirzadehMusician

Paul PerelliVisual and Fine Artist and Musician

Peyman MandegarFilmmaker

Reza AmelipourPhotographer

Samaneh NobakhtCommunity Organiser

Souf le JeuneGraphic Designer and Producer

Summara KanwalHenna Artist and Maker

Yalda GhazanfariActor and Singer

And huge thanks to our volunteers, Emmanuel Bajiiji and Kofo Kego Oyeleye.

We’re thrilled to welcome everyone!


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