Brouhaha music performance at HOME’s PUSH Festival 2021 on Wednesday 27 October 2021

Originally developed as part of Horizons Festival, audiences were fascinated by Brouhaha created by Iraqi artists Sherko Abbas and Kani Kamil at HOME.

Featuring newly built handmade unconventional instruments, Iraqi artists Sherko Abbas and Kani Kamil created the performance  Brouhaha to reflect the “brouhaha” of social agitation and displacement to focus on noise, sound and how artists living in the Iraqi diaspora listen.

What is Brouhaha?

The defination of “brouhaha” is the sound of chaotic noise.

Sherko and Kani interpreted Brouhaha as the noise and voice of a state of social agitation. As a word, it symbolises the moment when words lose their power.

The performance revisited Sherko’s performances of When the Wild Instruments Sing, which centred on how words such as “displacement”, “violence”, “war”, “protest”, “inequality”, “atrocity” and “cruelty” have become a subject of daily news and communications without any real answer to the issues behind these words. Sherko and Kani grappled with questions about our political and social situation to create powerful music.

The event was followed by a Q&A with Sherko Abbas and Kani Kamil with Dr Louis Brehony, a scholar of Middle Eastern culture and politics and author of the upcoming book Strings of the Street, on Palestinian music and displacement. Louis directed the film Kofia: A Revolution Through Music and performs with Gazelleband.

Originally developed with HOME as part of the Horizons Festival.

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