The screening of HUNGER at Manchester Museum on Thursday 22 July 2021

HUNGER was a site-specific, filmed performance piece with three international artists exploring the collections of Manchester Museum

HUNGER was a unique piece created by international artists Abas El Janabi (Lead Artist), Farjana Kabir and Louison Kangombe at Manchester Museum, responding to the museum’s collections. It was screened at Manchester Museum in a special in-person event as well as live-streamed.

The film invited viewers to follow three security guards during their night shift at Manchester Museum

They wandered through the galleries and reflected on how the museum’s collections of African, Middle Eastern, Asian, and European objects connected with their life experiences, their migration to the UK, and their lives here now.

The security guards asked some challenging questions.

How do the museum’s artefacts resonate with today’s global politics?

What are the hidden histories in the museum?

Who owns history?

“Empires are not built, they are taken.”

The event featured a Q&A with the artists.


Watch the film here:


The project was funded by Arts Council England.


Written and performed by

Abas El Janabi (Lead Artist) with Farjana Kabir and Louison Kangombe


Remi Adefeyisan and Stella Barnes of Community Arts North West (CAN)


Clive Hunte

Sound recording

Gawain Forster, assisted by Clive Hunte

HUNGER is a collaboration between Abas El Janabi, CAN, Manchester Museum, and Manchester City of Literature.


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