Magdalen Bartlett

I’m a Dancer, Choreographer, Workshop Leader and I develop theatre projects.  I’ve been involved with CAN as participant, a freelance artist and worked them as a Creative Producer. This role was instrumental in helping me to develop a strategic approach to administration, project development, and management.

CAN has always been really helpful to me. It’s supported my development as an artist through freelance opportunities.  The organisation has helped grow my profile in the North West and nurtured my skills.  Taking part in the digital Do IT training in 2014/2015, helped me build my digital marketing skills. I learned how to build a WordPress website, how to get the most out of social media, and how to develop content through photography, audio, and video.

CAN was also instrumental in helping me set up Afrocats in 2003. Working with CAN has encouraged me to take a more strategic to project development, and Afrocats is now a CIC (Charitable Incorporated Company). Afrocats work with communities to co-create creative opportunities.

CAN is important because it bridges the gap between community organisations and mainstream arts organisations, and it introduces diverse artists to opportunities and professional platforms.

It makes a real difference to artists and the communities it works with.