Exodus is CAN's flagship refugee arts programme of national significance, which contributes excellent arts and culture to Greater Manchester, attracting large-scale audiences, and local, regional, national and international interest.

Exodus launched in 2004, as an act of solidarity and a direct response to the unprecedented numbers of refugees and asylum-seekers arriving in Greater Manchester. More asylum-seekers live in Greater Manchester than any other conurbation outside of London, with 23% asylum-seekers arriving in the UK each year dispersed here.

Through the Exodus programme, CAN has pioneered new-migrant-led artistic practices and supported the inclusion and profile of hundreds of refugee artists who have enriched and diversified the region’s cultural life.

Exciting programmes of new writing, original theatre, music, film, workshops and live performance platform the voices, experiences and artistic work of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants living in Greater Manchester, and support well-being agendas for people taking part. Exodus events are extremely popular, presenting exciting and fresh new work to diverse audiences; and attracting much media coverage.

“As one of the most sustained programmes of arts work with refugee communities in the country, the Exodus programme has made a unique and invaluable contribution to refugee arts in the UK.”

Dr Alison Jeffers, The University of Manchester

Exodus’s acclaimed programme includes highlights such as the Exodus Festival, Exodus Live music programmes, Exodus Shorts digital arts and filmmaking, and two full seasons of the Exodus Onstage theatre season in 2006 and 2010.


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