Making Creative Sparks Fly

Creative workshops celebrating Manchester as a home for everyone

17 April 2023

Over five Saturdays in March and April, CAN produced Creative Sparks workshops for families, adults, young people, and children, many new to Manchester, which were hosted by The Whitworth.

Creative Sparks explored the theme ‘We Are All Manchester’ through the vehicle of nature to celebrate people who have migrated to Manchester and made the city their home bringing talent, skills, innovation, and ideas with them as the city grows.

Syrian artist Manya Alkhmri led the visual workshops. The Saturday sessions also featured the chance to try out dance and music with South African artist, Godfrey Pambalipe. Photographer, Shirlaine Forrest captured the fun atmosphere at workshops and photographed artwork.  A volunteer team of teachers and artists from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, UK, and Zimbabwe were part of the workshops.

“It’s good because all the family can come.”

“Very nice activities. Every time is enjoyable because I like to learn about different materials and art.”

Some of the resulting artwork will be exhibited at HOME in the forthcoming exhibition, We Are All Manchester, throughout June, as part of the Horizons festival.

See a gallery of photography which document the project by Shirlaine Forrest.



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