Celebrating International Women’s Day in Rochdale 2023

2023's Rochdale's Women's Voices event brings together different generations

3 April 2023

We were thrilled to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 at Touchstones on Friday 10 March, with the women who’ve been part of Rochdale’s Women’s Voices project created with partners: KYP, M6 Theatre Company, Hopwood Hall College and Petrus.

The event featured poetry, live music, a film screening, visual art, and the display of a mosaic.

Older women from the Asian community, who are part of KYP, exhibited visual art, including a mosaic made with the visual artist Rahela Khan.

The KYP group reflected on how much they enjoyed taking part in the project:

“I love doing mindful colouring.”

“I feel good and take pride in the artwork and processes we learn.”

“Overcome language barriers. I like that others speak my language.”

Young women from Hopwood Hall College and Petrus’s Social Prescribing project created a unique eight-minute film, The Power Within.

The Power Within imagined the year 2040 when Enterprise has taken control of Earth and the superhero Madame Magic is exiled to Planet Plutozonia. Madame Magic inspires and empowers a group of young females to return to Planet Earth.


Caroline Kennedy led the development of the film in Phase One, and Leah Llewellyn was the lead filmmaker in Phase Two. Young females had the space to create a film in a creative industry still dominated by men – as producers, scriptwriters, directors, and editors – with women still significantly underrepresented.

Behind The Masks was a ‘behind the scenes’ film about how The Power Within was created through initial conversations, ideas and creative workshops through to the making of the final film.

We socialised over a delicious lunch and a special cake to celebrate International Women’s Day.

The Power Within was based on original ideas by Grace Mbaya and Raven Chambers

Cast – Gray Lloyd, Lisamarie Ukah, Grace Mbaya, Caroline Kennedy, Avery Andrew, Mallieska Ciarne, Melanie Ellis, Emma Sheldon, Leah Molden, Erin Cartwright and Kenzie Hope

ProducerMahboobeh Rajabi

Written and directed by Caroline Kennedy

Film and music by Leah Llewellyn

Pastoral supportSinead Dunne

Thanks to Bryony Sherry, Alice Bunker-Whitney, Roxanne Walsh

Photography by Shirlaine Forrest

Rochdale Women’s Voices was funded by Action Together and Lankelly Chase



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