Discover what FREEDOM means to CAN Young Artists

Watch a fantastic film made by CAN Young Artists and find out what's coming up in the Summer

20 June 2022

You can’t help but be inspired and moved by the film SPARKS OF FREEDOM based on the theme “freedom” created by CAN Young Artists during Easter 2022.

The group of 13 – 21-year-olds – some with refugee heritage – were new to the UK or from more settled communities.

CAN Young Artists developed the film through workshops with CAN creative producer Michelle Udogu and our associate creative producer Remi Adefeyisan. The film using the words and art of young people was shot and edited by Clive Hunte of BUSHA Productions.

Check out the film

The talented group created some beautiful songs.

“Feel the brightness once we go outside,

Escape the crowds and enjoy your life”

Here’s what the group said about being part of the project.

“I loved it, I would like to bring my friends to the next workshop.”

“I like writing, it helps me say what I want to say better.”

“Talking about freedom is something I do not always do, I think I should do that more.”

 And we’re delighted to announce there are more CAN Young Artists’ activities later this Summer.

This August, we’ll be running sessions in drama, visual arts, music, and movement. Our work with children and young people is rooted in our value of co-creation so we can’t wait to hear the ideas young people want to explore.

August workshop dates

We’ll be running workshops: 1pm – 4pm on Monday 1 August, Tuesday 2 August, Wednesday 3 August, then Monday 8 August, Tuesday 9 August, Wednesday 10 August, and then Monday 15 August, Tuesday 16 August, Wednesday 17 August. 

On 17 August, CAN Young Artists will be part of a special sharing for friends and family to celebrate their achievements.

Young people from refugee and asylum seeker heritages as well as children from more settled communities are encouraged to apply.

So, if you work with young people aged 13 – 21 who’d like to be a CAN Young Artist during Summer 2022, please pass this creative opportunity along.  Food and travel costs will be provided. We just need a valid ticket for travel costs.

For more information and registration forms, contact Michelle Udogu on 0161 234 2976 / 07561 664130 for more information and registration forms.  Michelle works Monday-Wednesday 9.15am – 5pm. Just leave a message.

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