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Catching up with our CAN DO Creatives before we break for Christmas

13 December 2021

Just before we break up for the holidays – Happy Holidays, by the way – we held an evaluation session with the learners on our ESF funded CAN DO Creatives employability course.

It was a time to get together – socially distanced, of course – to celebrate their achievements and talk about the course so far.

“It’s helped me to focus and to chip away at things that need doing. Now’s the time!”

Confidence is a huge barrier to kickstarting or growing a creative business/career so exercises to develop more confidence have been a key aspect of trainers Charlotte Butler, Kooj Chuhan, Sarah Atter’s work with the group.

“I’ve noticed little shifts just through these first 2 sessions already and I can feel a little sense of ‘hmmm yeah… maybe I CAN do it…”

“I feel inspired! I believe in myself more.”

“CAN Do Creatives has given me confidence in myself, my skills and my creativity.”

One of the aims of the CAN DO Creatives course is to support artists to build networks which are essential to finding opportunities and developing collaborations. For artists new to the UK, this is especially important.

“It’s the first time I have met British artists on this course. I am very happy about that.”

Inspired by the course, the CAN DO Creatives are busy researching and engaging in further opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the arts sector, organising their own projects and events and exploring volunteering opportunities.

One of the learners has already moved into creative employment.

We can’t wait to catch up with them in the New Year.

Photo: @Ray_pictures_co

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