The latest news on our children’s group Kámoši in Leigh

During April – June, the group worked with artists Sanja Govorcin, Jaydev Mistry, and Chelsea Morgan on the theme of their environment.

11 October 2021

This was their first term after lockdown restrictions were eased. We decided to create an audio recording for the children and families to keep, as it would not be possible to have a live audience.


With Sanja Govorcin, Kámoši developed their skills in songwriting, creating melodies, and singing.

They improvised a story with Chelsea Morgan, crafting a lovely story based on a child’s idea about animals in a forest and how they were endangered by the actions of humans.

Jaydev Mistry brought recording equipment and coached the children in how to create convincing sound effects for their story, as well as capturing their instrumental ideas.  He added his instrumentation to weave around the voices and sounds created by the children, creating a magical, multi-layered piece of audio that can be heard on SoundCloud.

We’re looking forward to hearing and seeing what’s next.

A mum tells us what she thinks about Kámoši and the difference it makes to her daughter:

“The video they made was amazing and was well thought out and put together. My daughter absolutely loves Kámoši.”

“The group has built her confidence and found a lot of enjoyment from coming to Kámoši.  She’s made new friends mixing with different children – all the staff and children are friendly, helpful, and welcoming.  She’s been enjoying it – she’s been learning the ukulele and cello, dancing, singing, and acting. The activities and creative packs are very relaxing and enjoyable.”

“Kámoši helps her by giving her something good to focus on as she has a lot on her mind at the moment so she needs a good distraction.  She loves getting involved with groups like this and with the group being free it makes it so much easier for people who need things like this and can’t afford it.”

“Kámoši is amazing, friendly and makes people shine and build friends and confidence, and grows children’s self-esteem, too. 😊”

Kámoši is funded by Children In Need and Youth Music 

Image: Shirlaine Forrest

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