CAN’s Bury School Linking Project is back

The COVID lockdowns of 2020 into 2021 meant CAN missed the infectious energy of children in person in the classroom in our Schools Linking Project in Bury.

28 April 2021

The project connects primary-age children from the town’s diverse communities together through imaginative creative activities.

Primary school children from the participating primary schools are working alongside artist Jade Williams to develop their skills in storytelling, craft and creative writing to make new friends, explore their identities, celebrate diversity, and champion equality.

“Today has helped me with my communication skills because sometimes I don’t know what to say but now I do.”

Child from 2019’s Bury Schools Linking Project.


This year’s theme is connections and will feature the exchange of symbolic, creative gifts between classes in the different schools.

Hello, Bury!  We’re glad to be back!

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