Learning Lab: Brexit, Migration and Communities – A Call to Creative Action.

Arts organisations share their learning on the likely impacts of Brexit on arts organisations working with migrant communities .

12 January 2017

Learning Lab is part of the Platforma North West Hub which supports artists, cultural workers, organisations, activists, academics and change-makers to forge alliances and make new creative projects exploring models from other regions.

Learning Lab 2017 was shaped by the following provocations:

  • What role does art and culture play in a post-referendum landscape?
  • How can arts and culture engage with communities experiencing the harsh reality of austerity policies?
  • Can arts and culture bring communities together in a time of increasing political and social division?
  • How might the arts tap into the deep resilience of communities?
  • How can arts and culture inspire communities to build capacity, respond to ongoing challenges and define their own futures?

Learning Lab partners included: CAN, Counterpoints Arts, the University of York and the Northern Migration Network.

The video documenting Learning Lab’s work – Learning Lab: Brexit, Migration and Communities – was screened at Tokyo’s Waseda University in June 2017 as part of an exhibition exploring art, community, Brexit, and Cultural Studies in the UK.

The exhibition – supported by cultural typhoon featured video from international artists and discussion events using the Learning Lab as a platform for discussion. The event was attended by Japanese and British curators, artists, students, researchers, and the public. There are plans for a further exhibition incorporating the Learning Lab videos.


Thanks to Counterpoints Arts, HOME, Platforma and the University of York

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