Participatory arts can make ideas happen, create pride & respect, raise aspirations, develop confidence, communicate & share the narrative of peoples lives, and most importantly create really enjoyable times

What’s on


Wizard of Leigh flyer front 72

Saturday 1st April, our Kamosi Juniors Performing Arts Group will perform another magical and entertaining adaptation, ‘Wizard of Leigh’.

The Performance is ‘Invited Only’. If you are interested to come and see the performance pleae email:








The Snow Dragons performance 29th of April at HOME

Address: 2, Tony Wilson Place, First St, Manchester M15 4FN

Here is the link of our previous performance:

What’s Done Is Done

More information about the tickets coming soon.






CAN Platforma (26)

The Platforma National Festival will take place in October 2017 in Newcastle. We will be looking for contributions from the North West to present at the festival. The dates will be released soon so watch this space for details.





For over 30 years, CAN has produced an impressive portfolio of contemporary and imaginative urban arts-based collaborations with communities, artists, craftspeople and agencies. Our work spans a wide range of art forms such as:

  • Combined arts performance events
  • New and original theatre
  • Dance
  • Music production including recording, choirs, music theatre, bands, writing and major music narrative productions
  • Video and digital arts
  • Festivals, carnival, street theatre
  • Showcase events including exhibitions and screenings
  • Visual arts including temporary & permanent environmental projects, exhibitions and installations
  • Training events