A performance by Kámoši Juniors Group celebrating International Roma Day

Hudba, Muzica, Music!

Kámoši Junior Performing Arts Group Celebrating International Roma Day in Leigh.

Kámoši Juniors - Leigh Hudba, Muzica, Music!

To celebrate International Romani day on the 9th April 2016, the Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts Group played live-music, sang, danced, beat-boxed and Dj’ed in their performance Hudba, Muzica, Music!; a unique take on The Lost Country, a traditional folk tale that tells the story of the Roma people.

The present-day lives of Roma people were represented through the thought-provoking ‘Show me your ID’ rap, a social commentary highlighting the issues facing Roma people in today’s multicultural Britain.

The talent of Leigh’s young Musicians and Dancers shone as they presented old and new songs; and celebrated the past, present and future lives of Roma people, through music, dance and drama.

This was a very special celebratory event attended by friends and family from all the community. Everyone had a great time.

“Excellent, the young people clearly enjoyed what they were presenting, an amazing variety of music, dance and drama. Well done!”

“Full of colour and light, great family atmosphere.”

The children were extremely proud of the performance “I can’t believe I done that” and “Can we do it again?”. A lively short film told through the eyes of the children describes the process they went through to create the show.

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