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'My daughter will not stop singing at home ... this is good!'  A Dad

Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts Group 2016


Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts Group – Leigh

Since October 2015, Community Arts North West, Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) and Wigan Music Service have been working together in Leigh (Wigan Borough) to provide free music tuition in three local primary schools, as well as a Saturday Morning Performing Arts Club for the Kámoši Juniors Group.

The Kámoši Juniors include local children aged 5-12yrs who are Eastern European Roma, African, White British heritages and other cultural backgrounds including travelers, new migrants to the UK and refugees.. As part of the Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts programme, the children have worked with talented artists to learn new skills around: Eastern European folk, Hip-Hop and other contemporary popular styles including Bollywood; through instrumental tuition and playing, composition, singing and beat-boxing, DJing, dance and drama.

‘It has brought together the young people and their families enabling them to build stronger relationships within the communities at school and the wider community,’  Partner

From October 2015 to June 2016, the term-time based programme led to five music, drama and dance performances in the local community including: Hudba, Musica, Music, Celebrating International Roma Day on 9th of April 2016. It received rave reviews from parents, artists, volunteers and partners:

‘ Excellent, The children clearly enjoyed what they were presenting, an amazing variety of music, dance and drama. Bringing together children of different cultures, nationalities and abilities.’

‘Very cultural-informative and colourful. Children were amazing’.

‘I really enjoyed the performance, the children were great. I can’t believe how they have come on, not just their music but their confidence and engagement.’

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26561546912_ee94997d17_zArts Award
16 children completed their Arts Awards, with 14 completing their Explorer certificate and 2 their Discover certificates.

The project will continue until July 2018 with support from Children In Need. We are also submitting another application for the second year of the Leigh Romani-children’s music-making programme- please watch this space.

Here is the link to Kamosi Juniors Performance 2016:

Hudba, Musica, Music

You can find more about Kamosi here:

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