Wizard of Leigh

‘Excellent can see all the hard work that the children have put in, Wonderful Performance from the children and lovely to see.'

‘The Wizard of Leigh’ 2017

Kamosi Performance of  Wizard of Leigh

On Saturday 1st April 2017, Kámoši Juniors Performing Arts Group performed their NEW production, The Wizard of Leigh to celebrate International Roma day at the Turnpike Centre to a packed local audience. Everyone who came to watch were wowed with what turned out to be  a contemporary theatre take of an old tale created and performed by its young cast of 7 to 13 years.

The Wizard of Leigh included original choreographies inspired by cultures across the world from Africa to Eastern Europe. Music accompaniment was provided by the children on keyboard, guitars chaos pad sampler accompanied by some stunning vocals. The script was co-written by young playwright, Megan Thomson.

Magdalen Bartlett, CANs Children and Young People’s arts Manager  said:

We all remember putting together short plays, dance routines and musical numbers when we were little and getting family and friends to watch. Well this is a bit like that, the Kámoši project continues this tradition with all the ideas, script, songs, choreographies and original concept coming from the children – only difference is that the children have a professional team of artists to help them shape and rehearse their work.  The children have all made contributions to the production with some taking on leadership roles as assistant choreographers, directors and scriptwriters to bring this story to life.’

In this second year of the programme we have witnessed huge leaps in the children’s creative progression, confidence and interaction in their local communities.

The children also took part in Leigh Carnival on Sunday 4th June 2017.

CAN Kamosi Jr parade (74)

Audience feedback

Excellent, can see all the hard work that the children have put in,

Wonderful Performance from the children and lovely to see.

The children showed a range of different talents and were very professional in their programming

You could see the Strong bond between children – supporting each other.

Brings out the best and identified talents in the whole group. Some of the shyest children came into their own.

More information:

This year 25 children received their Discover Arts Award.

The Kámoši Performing Arts project will continue until July 2018 with support from Children In Need and Youth Music.

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