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Kámoši Juniors

We are delivering a wonderful new performing arts programme, bringing together a dynamic new partnership between Wigan Music Service, EMAS (Ethnic Minority Achievement Service), three local primary schools, the families of the Kámoši Junior group and CAN.

Kámoši Junior Group (Kámoši means ‘friends’ in Slovak) supports the needs of children aged 5 to 11 of Roma heritage mainly from Slovakia and the Czech Republic and, to a lesser degree, Romania and other EU countries. It was developed as an early intervention project in 2012 by Wigan Council’s Voice and Engagement Team and the Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) to help combat issues faced by the children and young people from EU Roma communities living in Leigh. It offers positive choices through enjoyable activities working across community, home and school.

This new project builds on the children’s natural music talent and incredible enthusiasm, evident from previous CAN programmes in Leigh. It places music, which is central to Romani culture, at the heart of the cultural offer. It aims to benefit the well-being; educational and musical development of the children through an integrated programme of quality music making that will span Eastern European folk music traditions, hip hop – another great love – and other music genres as well as dance and drama activities through a Saturday morning arts club. The children will also have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument either through school or the Saturday club.

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Listen to the songs produced by the children in January 2019: Soundcloud Album

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