‘I can see my future more clear outside, I think I can do more things than I thought I could before this programme.’

The Snow Dragons  


CAN Young Artists @ HOME 2016-18 is a 3 year programme for diverse young people aged 14-18 from across Manchester. It offers opportunities to explore and develop creative practice, ambitions and connection to wider cultural networks through new production.Each year the young people work on a new and original mixed media theatre production. 

The Snow Dragons; their second production; follows on from the success of the 2015 ‘World Stages Festival’ Macbeth inspired What’s done is done’. 

From November 2016, CYA@HOME took part in weekly theatre making workshops to prepare for their new production; The Snow Dragons, an original play commissioned especially for the National Theatre Connections Festival by acclaimed writer Lizzie Nunnery.

The Snow Dragons was performed on Saturday 29th April 2017 on HOME’s main stage to a packed audience who were taken on a journey of laughter and tears.  This exciting coming of age production was performed by a talented 12 to 17 year old cast who rose to the challenge of this timely drama, where a group of young people, let down by the adult world, form the last line of resistance against a society out to destroy their world.

After the performance, Lizzie Nunnery, came back stage to congratulated the performers on their exceptional performance. This meant so much to the young people who held on to every word, she said.  ‘It was a brilliant performance and you were able to find moments of comedy that I did not know were there.’

The creative team was led by, Director Kate Bradnam, Music Director Jaydev Mistry and Choreographer Josephine Hepplewhite.

CYA@HOME was produced by Magdalen Bartlett (CAN’s CYP Creative Producer) and Rosie Stuart HOME’s Youth Arts Production Manager.


The Snow Dragons Eflyer