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Many of CAN’s projects have involved young people working collaboratively with other cultural diverse young people from Greater Manchester “We all work like a family and achieve the best” Participant

Children & Young People

Children and Young People’s Programmes
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Projects work across a wide range of media
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CAN is a specialist youth arts provider offering unique programmes where young people from diverse heritages  can work together, are valued and encouraged in their creativity, and can become part of exciting production processes that create profound cultural memory.

CAN’s Children and Young People’s projects involve new young migrants, working collaboratively with other young people from Greater Manchester host communities from excluded, culturally diverse and white British backgrounds.

Our programmes promote social cohesion, combat alienation and value children and young people for who they are, providing opportunities to develop new and existing skills and explore, share and learn about themselves, each other and the world.

Baseline information tells us that at the start of a project, many of the young people we work with are often disconnected from cultural opportunities at school/college/ or in their communities.

However, they do often have creative aspirations and/or are engaged in some forms of creative activity through their peer groups or as Bedroom DJ’s, or want to explore their creative potential but just don’t know how to go about it or just want to try something new. CAN projects are ideal for helping young people both develop new skills  and find a way into creativity that has meaning and is enjoyable.

Projects work across a wide range of media with a view to creating original high quality live performance based events and involve different combinations of the following:

  • Drama –  theatre making which includes the devising of new work through exploring and researching ideas,  improvisation,  discussion and debate, ideas sharing, and development of performance and presentation skills.
  • Dance – such as Freestyle Movement, Hip Hop and Street, Contemporary Dance and African and Asian genres.
  • Writing workshops that encourage Poetry, Script development, Lyric Writing and Spokenword.
  • Music- can include development of voice, music tuition, arranging and composition, DJaying and Mcing.
  • Digital Arts production working with film, photography, animation, graphic design, web based platforms, interactive, locative and mobile technologies and live streaming.

We are always open to new ways of working and are eager to promote and encourage creative partnerships that bring new art forms and cultures to the creative process such as KAL /Satellite State Disco/Kamosi Project at Manchester Academy.


All projects

  • Work in safe and supportive environments that value the children’s and young people’s heritage and diversity. Are free, provide healthy snacks and refreshments and take place in safe accessible venues.
  • Encourage children and young people’s unique creative energy through the distinct contemporary art forms that are part of youth culture.
  • Involve working with inspirational arts leaders and as part of close knit teams.
  • Enable young people to shape, create and perform contemporary mixed media theatre production for live audiences as well as share their work through digital platforms.
  • Are developed with a range of partners including community agencies and groups, cultural venues and organisations and other relevant agencies such as local authority, music services and other statutory providers.
  • Provide support for travel, any special needs support for disabled young people as well as any other access needs.
  • Offer the opportunity for children and young people to do their Discover and Explore, Bronze and Silver Arts Award.
  • Are young people centred, with the chance to create high-quality artistic outcomes that speak to audiences beyond their own communities and of which they can be proud.
  • Evaluate effectively to ensure learning/best practice influences existing and future programmes.

CAN subscribe to the 7 Arts Council England Children and Young Peoples Quality Principles which are embedded in our work programmes.

  • Striving for excellence and innovation
  • Being authentic
  • Being exciting, inspiring and engaging
  • Ensuring a positive and inclusive experience
  • Actively involving children and young people
  • Enabling personal progression
  • Developing belonging and ownership – See more on the Arts Council website.

The 2015-18 programme is delivering 2 major projects supported by Children in Need and Youth Music  in both Leigh (Wigan Borough) with Kamosi Juniors Performing Arts Project  and CAN YOUNG Artists @HOME  in Manchester.

YOUNG people – Leadership/Talent Development

CAN is committed to supporting young people in their personal/professional development; with the company often providing a first port of call for involvement in the cultural sector.  Some young people also stay involved with the company over a number of years as participants, volunteers, apprentices and artists placements before moving on to further or higher education, other CPD opportunities and ultimately paid work in the sector.

We also offer leadership development through CAN’s Manchester Young Producers Programme as well as supporting volunteering placements on our Leigh Kamosi Juniors Performing Arts Project.

We are committed to supporting young refugees and asylum seeker artists through our Artist and Talent development programmes which include Creative Digital training and production programmes as well as other training and work experience opportunities.

This film was produced by CYA@HOME, lead by Kate Bradnam, for the British Council:


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