Range of Digital targeted training over a fixed period of time

CAN Creative-Digital Training programmes

CAN Creative-Digital Training programmes offer a range of targeted training over a fixed period of time (12 weekly sessions) and is subject to funding. They include:

  • Addressing digital arts skills gaps to enable artists to build online social media presence and creative digital marketing, helping people to access employment and other opportunities in the cultural sector.
  • Building capacity and opportunity for arts initiatives coming from communities with programmes that target cultural leaders/activists/producers as well as artists who are making things happen in their own communities.
  • Training through production programmes that aim to expand conceptual ways of working across media – such as digital story telling.
  • All programmes also create peer-to-peer learning networks, supported by access to digital resources through the CAN sound and media studio and opportunities to showcase work within the arts and creative industries.
  • Drop-in aftercare programmes where people are able to follow up on their skill development with a technician.

We are also able to create bespoke creative digital training programmes for partner organisations.