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CAN are delighted to be working with writer and theatre-maker, Fereshteh Mozaffari Vanani as part of our Talent Development Programme. We will be supporting Fereshteh to develop and produce her one-woman show, One More Push; a semi-autobiographical piece exploring themes of identity and acculturation from a professional refugee woman’s perspective.

Introducing Fereshteh Mozaffari, CAN Incubated Artist

Fereshteh Mozaffari Vanani in her words

I was born at a tumultuous time in Iran just before the revolution. As a child, I lived more in my dreams than in reality. Through the university years, I was more interested in Literature than Politics but I chose Politics to find out why my country was so messed up, and why the revolution had happened. I did my MA and worked as a Teacher for two years before moving to the capital city, Tehran, to work as a Journalist and News Editor for TV. I continued in this role for 10 years before coming to the UK to do a PhD.   But life had another plan and hurled me onto a new path. I never managed to do a PhD. Instead I became a writer and theatre-maker.

In this new identity, I have been commissioned to write for the Black Gold Festival and Our City, Our Home Festival, have performed as part of MIF’s Festival in My Home and had my work published in numerous anthologies and online magazines. I am currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at Salford University.  I love learning new things, exploring new avenues, meeting new people, and trying out new things.