Heart's Core performer

CAN's Refugee Women’s Theatre Project was a women-led theatre project for women refugees and asylum seekers.

Heart’s Core

Heart’s Core (2013-14) was a 2-year, women-led theatre project for women refugees & asylum seekers. The programme included drama workshops, as well as writing, directing, music, dance, story-telling and singing workshops which depended on the interests of the participants. This programme was a direct development of CAN’s Exodus positive action programme for refugee and asylum-seeking women (2008-2011).

Following the amazing success of Heart’s Core in 2013, we ran drama, vocal and dance workshops for women refugees and asylum seekers on Monday afternoons in Manchester city-centre between September and December 2014. A smaller group continued after Christmas, leading towards a performance in March 2015. The workshops were run by experienced female artists, Cheryl Martin, Yvonne Shelton and Magdalen Bartlett and took place in a safe and welcoming space.

The workshops offered a dedicated space for the women to come together, develop their confidence through enjoyable creative activity, share cultural traditions, learn new skills, express and develop their own voices, and expand their support networks.

This workshop programme resulted in a high-quality performance event at Z Arts which increased the profile of Greater Manchester refugee & asylum-seeking women, giving them a voice and advocating for their needs.

The performance event – Heart’s Core – took place at Z-Arts in June 2013.

Heart's Core flyer

A huge thank you goes to the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England & Wales  and Network for Social Change who supported this programme.