Award winning Cameroonian singer, Coco Mbassi, comes to Band On the Wall. Supported by local Congolese, Cameroonian, Sierra Leonean and Zimbabwean musicians with the best of Rumba, Makossa, Afrobeat, Coup Decale, Soukous, Palm Wine Music and South African Zulu Dance, Guaranteed to get you on your feet!



Cameroonian singer, Coco Mbassi describes her music as ‘a tree with deep African roots and branches that extend towards classical music, soul, gospel, jazz, Latin and even pop music’. Her faith and love for the human soul exude from every note of her soulful voice. Winner of the Radio France International Découvertes Contest in 1996, winner of the German World Music CD Critics Award in 2001 and nominated for the BBC World Music Awards 2002 for her first album, SEPIA, Coco Mbassi has toured worldwide with her band.

On Saturday 10th December at Band On the Wall Coco Mbassi performed alongside local Congolese, Cameroonian, Sierra Leonean and Zimbabwean musicians bringing you the best of Congolese Rumba, Makossa, Afrobeat, Coupe Decale, Soukous, Palm Wine Music and South African Zulu Dance. The event was a dynamic and owe inspiring showcase of African talents from the North West and beyond.

This event was brought to you by Amani Creatives in partnership with Band on the Wall and Community Arts North West. It marks the end of Amani Live; a monthly contemporary African arts event featuring music, storytelling, spoken word and dance.

Amani Creatives is an African-led arts organisation which develops and profiles the skills of artists from African diaspora communities living in the North West. Amani Creatives engage with local communities through the arts to support wellbeing and community development.

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*This is a standing show.*