woman at a CAN video workshop working a video camera

CAN has a strong track record of developing & delivering innovative media arts projects through video, photography, sound, animation and a range of digital media

Digital Arts

The digital arts programme supports groups & artists who are already using digital technology for a wide range of artistic & cultural purposes as well as supporting those communities who have less access to digital technology.

The programme includes:

  • Digital arts creative production
  • Training in the use of digital technology
  • Development of online promotional tools for events and artists
  • Showcasing & screening events
  • Research & development opportunities for artists & creatives
  • Partnerships with the wider arts & media sector

CAN has an in-house sound & media studio with facilities for recording and editing sound & video.

CAN ran a project called Do I.T.  – a training course for artists & creatives who were unemployed or working less than 8 hours a week who wanted to increase their online profile.

For more information about the media arts programme, please contact info@can.uk.com.