Now we Talkin’

Now We Talkin’ was a youth arts project produced by CAN and partnership organisations from across Greater Manchester in 2004. Talkin’ issues, Talkin’ local, Talkin’ global Now We Talkin’ engaged over 200 young people aged 14+ from Greater Manchester in devising and producing an exciting, powerful arts-based work. The project included MUSIC, DRAMA, VISUAL ARTS, […]

Youth Arts

CAN’s youth arts programmes are unique in that they provide safe spaces where young people from different social groups and geographical areas can interact with each other. Often starting at an entry level of involvement, they are able to engage in a process that values their existing skills and cultures with opportunities to further develop […]

Children & Young People

Children and Young People’s Programmes Jump to: Projects work across a wide range of media All Projects 2015-18 CAN is a specialist youth arts provider offering unique programmes where young people from diverse heritages  can work together, are valued and encouraged in their creativity, and can become part of exciting production processes that create profound […]