CAN Young Artists (CYA) prepares for HOME!

CYA (CAN Young Artists) are a new theatre group comprised of young people aged 12 -18. Since November, they have been working every Thursday on the Macbeth themes of prophecy , status and power for a new production “What’s Done, Is Done”, that will be performed at HOME, Manchester’s new arts venue on 19th March […]

Kurdistan Arts and Culture

Kurdistan Art and Culture (KAC) are a highly ambitious group of Kurdish artists that include visual artists, musicians, dancers, writers and film makers. The musicians and dancers have performed several times at the Exodus Festival, Exodus Live and across the North West. Their films show an insight into Kurdish culture and have been highly received […]


NESTAC Dance Group is unique in promoting the art of African-Caribbean Dance, while teaching the history behind every single dance; the use of various African-Caribbean instruments and their origins. It is therefore a mixture of ‘Art and Educational activities’, for the best of our body, mind and soul. Structured workshops are available for all, including […]

Dora Cruz

Dora works professionally as an artist and workshop leader in dance, drama and music. She works with various community groups, universities, schools and organisations delivering workshops with the aim of exploring cultural diversity. As an artist She’s worked with CAN at Exodus Festival and more recently for Manchester Day Parade 2011 as a choreographer. She’s […]

Magdalen Bartlett

Magdalen Bartlett is an experienced project manager, theatre director and freelance dance & drama practitioner who has worked for the past 15 years with children, young people and diverse communities. Over this time, Magdalen has gain extensive skills in engaging with participants to use the arts as a tool in various settings to improve health, […]