members from the Somali Bravanese Sisters

Somali Bravanese Sisters

The Somali Bravanese Sisters, based at the Arlaadi Centre in Moss Side  have been involved in Exodus activities for many years. They have grown as an organization with the Exodus programme, involved primarily in food and catering initiatives at events.

CAN worked with the Somali Bravanese Women in 2009 on a traditional textile hat-making project, which incorporated percussion, photography and documentation. The feedback from those women was that they were very keen to continue with more arts activities and to learn new skills.

The group was particularly interested in developing a poetry/music programme. With help from the Learning Revolution Council, a new group of young Somali women were able to join the existing members in a series of poetry, music and drama workshops.

The environment created enabled the women to express themselves freely, and what emerged were interesting stories, ideas, sketches, poems, thought and debate.

For the younger women, the drama and poetry proved a powerful tool for the expression of their identity as British-born or residing Somalis. They were also able to learn about their rich Somali culture & heritage. In particular the focus on mother-daughter relationships enabled the young women to investigate more freely the conflicts of their

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