"I came along and I thought it would be rubbish, but it was one of the best things I have seen for a very long time" (Audience member)

Mossley Carnival

CAN worked in partnership with Global Grooves, Cabasa Carnival Arts and Bang Drum CIC to deliver a three stage carnival arts project consisting of outreach, a workshop week and a final Exodus Live showcase of the work the young people had produced to coincide with Black History Month.

During the successful outreach phase the project engaged with around 1,350 young people through whole school presentations and 450 children aged 5-16 in hands on workshops.  During the workshop week over 60 young people and 20 adults participated in a range of carnival arts workshops including drama, Brazilian and African percussion, costume making and design, Brazilian African and street dance and Capoeira. This workshop week also enabled us to engage with young people from West African Development who have participated in previous Exodus projects and the festival, thereby linking this group with other community groups in Tameside.

The participants developed different areas of music, dance and art throughout the week that were put together by the artists for the final presentation.

The final Exodus Live event, the Mossley Indoor Carnival was a huge success bringing some audience members to tears. The performance featured several pieces mapping the migration of people and carnival arts from North Africa to West Africa, over the Atlantic ocean to Brazil with the slave trade and then landing in the UK. The evening also featured performances from Jali, a West African Kora player, a local blues duo, a local vocal choir and an unexpected performance by some of the young people.