members of the Beating Wing Orchestra

"Inspired by the Beating Wing Orchestra's ceaseless energy and visible enthusiasm, tracks such as Ce N'est Pas Bon, Djuru and I Follow You elicit broad smiles throughout the venue, as their infectious rhythms take hold." Gideon Brody's review of Amadou & Mariam & The Beating Wing Orchestra performance at Manchester International Festival 2009

Beating Wing Orchestra

The Beating Wing Orchestra (BWO) is a unique, musically diverse orchestra comprising musicians from Greater Manchester’s Refugee communities and other culturally diverse musicians from the region.

Its main aim is to experiment, play, create and perform challenging new music that draws on a global music vocabulary. BWO was brought together by CAN in January 2007 through its Exodus Live music programme, to create and perform a new international composition commissioned by Manchester International Festival (MIF) as part of their original and new works festival.

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The Beating Wing Orchestra is now and independent band who are available for performances and workshops. For more information or to get in touch with them, click here.