Kooj Chuhan

Kooj (Kuljit S Chuhan)

Kooj works as a film maker, digital media artist and cultural producer who has a particular interest in progressing artistic, cultural, social and historical issues from migrant perspectives in relation to global and local contexts. Personal artistic approaches include blurring the interface between documentary, fiction and reality; non-linear narratives and interactivity; and post-colonial cultural development.

He has been exhibited and published across the UK and internationally, has worked with many artists and local communities at all levels, and has featured at festivals such as VIDEO POSITIVE, ISEA and SIGGRAPH. He has a long-standing interest in education in its broadest sense and has previously worked as a scientist, a teacher, a community worker and as a musician. Kooj is increasingly engaged in writing and research, and also works with the museums & heritage sectors.

Kooj is committed to ideas of cultural democracy and grass-roots development. He has founded and run a number of groups and organisations such as the Virtual Migrants artists collective focusing on race, migration, refuge and globalisation, for which he is the director. Other groups he has founded or co-founded include BICA Project (Black Issues in Community Arts), The Beating Wing Orchestra, Black Arts Alliance, and Lifting The Lid.