Young man addressing the audience at the Nu Britannia Showcase November 2010

CAN’s Associate Artists pages feature artists, creative companies, producers and project managers who have, at different times, contributed significantly to CAN’s work

Associate artists

CAN works with between 60 & 100 freelance associates each year.

They include a diverse range of specialist creative practitioners who:

  • Have a passion for creating and producing quality participatory arts work with communities
  • Do not make a quality distinction between own art work and the work they produce with people
  • Are innovators in their own fields who bring with them fresh ideas and inspiration
  • Contribute valued creative services such as technicians and photographers who work to high production standards
  • Have a professional attitude to their work
  • We would have no hesitation in recommending to other employers

As well as the alphabetical list in the left-hand column, we have classified our associate artists via artform. You can find out more about each individual, including their contact details, by clicking on their name or on each artform listed below: