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CAN's online services connect Greater Manchester's excluded communities & artists with national, regional & local cultural opportunities and developments

Online information services

CAN’s online information services aim to maximise the flow of information into and out of the company to benefit our target groups though the effective online information exchange that links communities and artists to cultural resources. CAN has extensive, effective ever-growing databases and is an established portal for information flow.

This includes:

  • The CAN Newsgroup which provides information exchange for mainstream service providers, grassroots community groups, independent creative enterprises and artists with regards to jobs, training, opportunities, resources & information
  • Social networking sites which are fast becoming the most effective tool for information flow. CAN currently maintains an online presence on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube & MySpace
  • The continuing development of CAN’s current website as an advocacy tool for CAN and community / participatory arts in general. The web pages also contain comprehensive archives of CAN’s past work including the Exodus project
  • An email & telephone enquiry service
  • Dedicated digital profiling of CAN’s artistic programmes
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