still from These City Streets performance

Diversity is central to our work and we collaborate with urban communities across Greater Manchester, working with a range of ages, cultural backgrounds and artforms

How we work

Whether we are working with a Local Authority, cultural agency, community group or artist collective, the first thing we do when a new collaborator makes contact is to create a dialogue. Through conversation, we establish the possibilities and parameters of the proposed activity, what we want and expect to happen, any outcomes that are necessary or desirable and the resources that are potentially available.

We are then able to establish the most effective next step which may be:

  • A period of research
  • A pilot project to establish the most effective methodology for working together
  • The development of a tailored programme of work
  • An invitation to get involved in a current programme or see some of our existing work

We offer additional support to our collaborators and partners through:

  • Offering information on mainstream and alternative arts providers who may be able to add value to the project
  • Providing information and guidance on funding and procurement of resources
  • Identifying appropriate venues for activity