Opportunity for a Digital/ Video Artist to join Lisapo

CAN is currently recruiting an experienced Digital/Video artist to join our creative team as part of our Congolese Heritage project, Lisapo.

You will need knowledge and experience of working within a live performance context and a good understanding of participatory arts practice. We are particularly interested in exploring ways in which the digital/ video art can respond in ‘real time’ to the musicians and performers, through use of live video mixing or other interactive technologies.

Lisapo is focused on the narrative oral histories and cultural traditions of the Congolese community, which has been migrating to Britain since the late 1980′s as a result of the destabilisation of the country and consequent civil war. The Digital/ Video artist will work closely with the creative team and project participants to tell the powerful story of this historical migration to Britain, through music, song, spoken word and digital/ video art.

For more information and to download the Job Description visit our Opportunities page

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