Edward Said quote on Platforma Festival 2011 brochure

"The Platforma Festival for me was brilliant, the interaction amongst the people, the workshops were brilliant. I hope that it can carry on and everything that we spoke about can be passed on to other people that were not there and shared with our communities." Aidan Jolly, Virtual Migrants

Platforma Festival 2011

The first Platforma National Festival of Arts ran from 28 November – 4 December 2011 at Rich Mix in Brick Lane, London. It brought together performers, artists and organisations from across the UK in a celebration of the arts by and about refugees. The conference was an inspiring, lively and provocative event with workshops, debates, interventions and performances.

25 North West based artists from the Platforma North West Hub facilitated by CAN were able to attend and contributed with an exhibition from Virtual Migrants, performances by Beating Wing Orchestra; Tuareg ‘desert blues’ guitar and singing from Danto Aiyya and readings from Liverpool based, Iranian poet, Lily Mosini. There were also presentations by CAN’s Creative Director, Cilla Baynes; Katherine Rogers, CAN’s Exodus Coordinator; Cameroonian playwright, Lydia Besong and strong contributions to the debates & seminars on a range of subjects.

This was an inspiring event and the Platforma North West Hub was pleased to have such a strong profile as part of this major national event.

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