CAN becomes ACE National Portfolio Organisation

CAN is pleased to tell the world that after 34 years as an Arts Council England Regularly Funded Organisation (RFO), we have now become a National Portfolio Organisation of the Arts Council England. The NPO scheme replaces the system of Regularly Funded Organisations from April 2012, securing our position for the next 3 years.

We are also delighted to receive a 12.6% uplift in recognition of our work. Our 34 year history bears witness to a track record of innovatory community arts projects. We are a company that makes things happen bringing together people and artists from the margins of society. What CAN does understand is that good ideas are not just the preserve of the established cultural sector and that some of our most pioneering work has come through the passions and ideas of the communities of people with whom we work.

Collaboration and partnership will remain at the core of our work, alongside our commitment to relevant and exciting 21st century cultural production that continues to reflect the rich diversity that makes up our island culture.

Plans are evolving for the next three years that will include new collaborations, moving forward with the best of the Exodus Refugee Arts Programme, new young people’s programmes in Wigan and Manchester, touring, expanding our digital arts production and developing new programmes that will benefit artists working for the sector. Watch this space!

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